Tuesday, 12 October 2010

spreading the virus

Hello there, let me introduce myself. I'm a new machine knitter and right now I am doing my very best to pass on the machine knitting virus. Not that machine knitting is new, and not that it really needs me, but ever since my Singer 321 found its way from the op shop to me, the disease has taken hold and is spreading.

I really wasn't looking to catch a new craft affliction. I have plenty of work managing my sewing and hand knitting disabilities, as well as the occasional period recovering from forays into more obscure craft lands, but this one got me when my resistance was down and I am beginning to suspect it might be a disease with no cure.

And now it seems quite a few of my friends have been struck down and like the enabler I have always been, I am now sourcing machines and yarn and passing on details of clandestine Tuesday night knitting sessions for fellow sufferers.

I am also doing my best to try and come up with helpful ways to ease the passage through the early stages of infection, the time when everything is exciting but also kind of scary and overwhelming. When so much more is unknown than known and when our minds start to fight the infection with every minor frustration.

Persistence is the key, but so too is company. I feel a tremendous debt of gratitude to the Association, and Christine in particular for helping me keep the faith, solve problems, clean the machine, lend expertise and share many hours of companionable knit talk.

I'm buying up coned and lace weight yarns like there's no tomorrow and just loving seeing all the different fabrics the machine can make. Right now I'm hard at work on my first proper garment and I'm already planning a second. I can't wait to publish the patterns on Ravelry and see others try them too.


  1. sooz, your work is just fabulous!!

  2. Can't wait for you to publish them too! You're my virtual enabler.

  3. sooz, can't wait to see your garments. You have truly caught the virus!