Tuesday, 1 October 2013

A successful prototype

Here are some quick notes about a project I recorded on Ravelry recently. 

Here are some rough diagrams to show the structure.

These diagrams represent an exploded view of the jacket. I hope the coloured lines indicate where the pieces are joined to each other. I used Singer/Studio/Knitmaster Card 4, tuck stitch

I like the stitch pattern, and it is possible to knit neat selveges with this pattern. Knitted in tuck stitch, the fabric resists curl, particularly when knitted at a loose tension.
The jacket is knitted in two yarns knitted together, a fine possum merino and an even finer but strong alpaca silk yarn. The body of the jacket is knitted at Tension 3 and the collar piece at Tension 10
The collar piece is knitted at a loose tension, and attached part way along the front edge of the jacket. This makes it possible to arrange the loose ends in a variety of styles, and it eliminates the need to calculate an exact size to attach.