Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Machine Knitting in Public

New knitter explores the mysteries of tuck stitch

Those of us who like to meet knitting friends at Stitch and Bitch groups find that some venues just don't like us much. We take up space, talk for hours and maybe we don't put enough money into the business for the time and space used. 
Imagine the consternation if we were to turn up at a pub and clamp our machines to their tables! 
Despite MKAV President Angela's threats to turn up at a Stitch and Bitch, plastic machine under one arm, so far we have restricted our Machine Knitting in Public excursions to craft shows.
Our next MKIP will be at the Craft Expo 7 -10th October at the Royal Exhibition Buildings in Carlton.  Brunswick novices may like to be part of the demonstration. Come for a day, or just an hour or two.


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