Thursday, 7 December 2017

1973 again - Machine Knitted Jacket

This pattern features on several blogs as a warning about the aesthetic danger of enthusiastic, but uncritical embrace of popular craft.

However, it turns out that this has come back into style in some pockets of hipster culture. "That is so cool, can you make me one?"

I did.

In the absence of a shotgun, we used a broom for a prop.
I planned to stay with the original styling as closely as possible. The yarn is lighter weight (Superfine Wool Australia 3 ply as opposed to Bluebell 5 ply).
The pockets were left off for technical reasons. The jacket is proportionately longer, a 1973 short jacket needs 1973 high waisted trousers.
The collar is stocking stitch folded over, rather than the heavy original made with two pieces of ribbing.
As I was in the early stages of construction, a young woman who has clearly been the victim of a machine knitter's misguided generosity, kindly sent me a warning that no young person would wear such a garment. She was not aware that I was acting on a request, and it seems that her sartorial comfort zone is a little different.   Also discussed as a Ravelry project 

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  1. I think this is a great looking sweater and I'm pretty sure the 30-year-olds I know would wear this easily.