Friday, 6 February 2015

Swag Blanket 2 - The Middle

Just keep knitting.

But you will find that rolling up the weighted cast on rag attached to the knitting becomes too awkward after a while. At that point you can remove the ravel cord and separate the cast on rag from the end of the blanket, and stitch it onto a suitable place to keep the work weighted. Use that blocking wire for the stitching and move the weight up as necessary.

Now it is my intention to refrain from using any machine accessory, other than those that come standard with the machine. But of course some of you own Brother machines, or others that come with cast on combs, which maybe gives me the OK to use a cast on comb for weight

Off hand, I can't think of anyone who uses a cast on comb to cast on, but they are wonderfully useful for weighting work in progress.  Of course many of we Singer owners have inherited cast on combs from the estates of deceased Empisal machines (That is the machines sold in Australia as Empisal, not to be confused with British Empisal Knitmaster machines, which we know as Singers)
With luck, when you get hold of an old Empisal cast on comb, you may get a couple of extra weights as well, so you can hang two on the comb, and use two to continue to keep the edges in order.

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