Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Never thought you would use Punch Lace?

Punch lace, also called Thread Lace, is an interesting technique, which as far as I know does not have a hand knit equivalent. It would be possible but probably too awkward to be worth the effort. It is similar to the Fair Isle technique, (called Knit In on the Singer machine). The difference is that one of the two yarns in the yarn feeder, the one in the front, 2 position, will knit all stitches. The other yarn will knit only those stitches corresponding to the blank places on the card.

Small pattern punch lace makes for interesting texture, with effects not unlike Plating. Choose cards with small runs of holes and blanks, Card ! and Card 7 are suitable. I like to use good quality natural yarn and fine silk.

This is a punch lace Alpaca Silk project using Card 1

Detail from the surface of the above Silk / Alpaca wrap

Wool and Silk. Card 7

Punch Lace, just like in the book.

 Choose cards with blank sections and no long runs of holes to minimise snagging.  The first example would need to be lined.. Cards 15 and 1 7 work well in this mode.

Card 17. Note that the background is the same punch pattern as Card 7

Candlewick, not lace at all

 An interesting thing to do with the technique.  With this technique choose cards with runs of holes to create long floats. After knitting, cut the floats to create candlewick effects. Card 12 works particularly well, both circulating and locked. Card 9 illustrated.
This effect is similar to Knitweave with cut floats, only in this version the the cut yarn is more securely knitted into the backing fabric.

Choose your own Punch Lace.

You can make Punch Lace featuring any shape you like by leaving the desired shape blank in a card otherwise punched out according to the pattern on Card 1 or Card 7. I have experimented with strips of sticky tape on Card 7. I imagine shapes cut out of Contact would work perfectly well. Although the possible effects of seeping stickiness should be considered.

Note that the design is a randomised version of Card 17 illustrated above. The photo of that card illustrates the structure of Card 7, useful if you do not have cards in the Studio / Singer / Knitmaster set

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