Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Spider on red cordial

I've just sent out into the world a tuck lace shawl made from Candalaraine 2/60 Baby Alpaca/Silk. It was made using a standard gauge punchcard machine.

The process of making this was so satisfying I've started swatching to see what else I can make to use this beautiful yarn.
The completed shawl was made using Singer Card 4
Card 4 repeat
All the needles corresponding to the knit every stitch columns were taken out of work, except for two needles at each edge, left to knit a neat selvedge. The tension was set to the loosest setting.
The finishing washing and blocking processes are critical to the quality of the finished piece.

Here are some more Card 4 experiments. In this batch of swatches, every needle is left in work, and the tension increased to 4 on the tension dial.
Slip stitch
Tuck Stitch
Black and white knitted together on the Punch Lace setting, photographed against a coloured background

I like the shadow stripes in the Slip Stitch swatch. It is a subtle, unfussy effect for which  I am sure I will find a application.
The Tuck swatch is notable for being flat, wider than the other stitch patterns and well worth trying as an alternative to the more open tuck lace used in the white shawl.
The Punch lace looks attractive, but has long floats that would be best covered.

And the spider? A bystander felt that something must have prompted the spider to change her web design.


  1. ooohh this is my kind of knitting!thanks for the ideas.

  2. Beautiful work. I think the tuck stitch in the second swatch would be fantastic.