Thursday, 3 March 2011

Skinny Yarn

It took me a while to properly appreciate just how much I like really skinny yarn. There was a time when I would ask the good folk at the Yarn Barn to wind together skinny yarns that I thought would combine well. But I got over that.

There were a few steps. I found out that:
Machine knitting life is much better if you abandon all thought of following a conventional pattern.
There are lots of beautiful skinny yarns
Two shades can be better than one.
Two different yarns knitted together may make random stripes.

If you use a twister stand, purpose built or improvised, you can make different marled effects. And they will be different depending on the order of the stacked cones.

There are weird and interesting yarns coming out of Japan. The demonstration garments made with these yarns are made with multiple yarns, combining colours, textures and materials, and the yarn will stlll be skinny, even after you have combined two or three.

A standard gauge single bed Japanese machine will make a wide range of pleasing weights and textures of fabric with skinny yarn.

The more uptight Passap machine needs more seductive coaxing to consent to being party to a modern relaxed style of fabric. But if you need a classic smooth rib, the Passap could not be more obliging

Of course the Passap and I are still getting to know each other. I could be judging harshly.
Skinny yarns go a long way. 150 gms of 2/60 nm silk from ColourMart, lasts almost forever knitted with 2/20 nm wool from Superfine Wool Australia, (no link, but some contact details here ) , making a luxurious fabric for a utilitarian price.

And remind me to put on my list to do, work on taking better photos of knitted things

I will also beg pardon for any odd picture placement in this posting. I am distracting myself from overwhelming domestic challenges in a bona fide remote location, with a just installed booster to the next G service. It seems to work. Last time I tried to post from here I had to travel to a convenient fast food outlet to take advantage of the free wi fi. But the pictures seem to have developed independent views in transmission.

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